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Our mission is to elevate dance photography by providing learning experiences and community for dance photographers.

Our Core Values


As a group, we support each other by helping each other grow and celebrating our successes, both big and small.  We find ways to disagree respectfully and assume positive intent of those with whom we work.

Honesty & Trust

We believe in being honest in all aspects of our professional behavior including business practices, behavior at PDD events, competition entries, and in dealings with dancers, vendors and other photographers. We take credit only for our own work and represent ourselves truthfully.


We respect each other as unique artists with unique visions and styles and have respect for diversity in individual characteristics and in different approaches to our work as dance photographers.


We believe in explaining processes, listening to feedback, bringing together groups for dialogue on all topics, engaging in group conversations, and listening and considering alternative ideas.


The physical and emotional well-being of dancers is at the very core of what we do


We value partnerships between photographers and dancers, among photographers, in working with sponsors and vendors, and in partnering with dance schools, studios, teams and other dance organizations

 We appreciate a variety of views, dance styles and dancers.  We include all styles of dance (not just ballet) and celebrate all dancers regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual preferences. PDD makes room for respectful disagreements within the group so that differing views can be included.


What does Pas De Deux have to offer?

Pas De Deux offers a variety of learning experiences outside of your standard break out sessions.

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Pro photographers walk you through their photo taking process - then give it a try yourself!


At PDD events, you can join special sessions with talented dancers in some of the best locations the city has to offer.

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Portfolio Reviews

Sign up to get personal tips and critiques from pro photographers.  Bring the images you most want to develop and benefit from top-level insights.

Studio Setups

Try out lighting setups and work with PDD dance models at our professional setups


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