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2023 Conference Dancer Pictures

Down below are the links to the Dancer galleries for you to upload images for them to Approve.  Please be sure to have your name on the file name.  When you click on an image to open it, to the right of the image will be a link to a Dropbox folder for that dancer.  This is a two-step process.  Once they approve the images in the Dropbox folder, you may upload the images to their second Dropbox folder for Approved Edited JPGs. 

Please have both the photographer and dancer model name on the file name.   For example, mckinney_AbigailDavis_1234.  Be sure to include the numbers from your original file name and number.

With your name on it, the dancer will know how to credit you with their social media posts.

There is no need to share this link with dancers, so please do not share it with them.  I am sending individual links to dancers.

Once you have images approved, you may edit them and then submit them to the dancer's Approved folder.  You also may then share the images on your own social media.


Please share your BTS shots in the gallery below.  They don't really have to be edited, especially if not needed, just touch them up as needed.  Once you click on that link, you also have the ability to download images.  If you see yourself in any BTS images, you're free to download them and share on your own social media if you'd like, as long as you credit the photographer.


Use your best judgment on Group shots.   It would be too much to try to get every group shot approved by every dancer in each shot, so just upload your best edited group shots.  If a dancer has any concerns about a shot, we'll pull it and let you know.


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