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2023 Pas de Deux Dance Photo Competition

Pas de Deux Photo is committed to elevating the art of dance photography.  We are excited to announce 2023 Pas de Deux Dance Photography Competition winners. The competition is a fun and exciting celebration of dance photography. It is open to photographers from around the world.

Entries can be from any year. Only images that placed in the Top 15 of any category of the 2021 or 2022 competitions are not eligible. Submissions must include at least 5 individual images (a Series entry counts as one image toward the Grand Prize qualification) to qualify for the Grand Prize. There is no additional cost to qualify for the Grand Prize.  By submitting five or more separate entries, you are automatically entered into the Grand Prize competition.

The images entered into the competition that make the final round will be reviewed by a unique jury of professional dancers and dance photographers featuring Martha Graham dancer Anne O'Donnell, Nashville Ballet dancer Marissa Stark, dance photographers Steven Vandervelden and Tanya Daniel, and Lisa Mallis of PhotoDay.

Winners of the photo competition were announced at the Welcome Reception of the Pas de Deux Dance Photography Conference at The Hilton Chicago on July 21-23.  

For more detailed information on the rules and how to prepare your images for submission, please read our Terms & Conditions and our FAQs.

JCW WSP Headshot.jpg

2022 Grand Prize Winner Jennifer Curry Wingrove

2023 Jurors

Anne is a principal dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Company.  She joined the company in 2014

Anne O'Donnell

Marissa is a dancer with the Nashville Ballet.

Marissa Stark

Lisa is a VP with PhotoDay, a volume software company that specializes with its facial recognition program.

Lisa Mallis

Steven is a photographer based in New York City who specializes in dance photography.

Steven Vandervelden

Tanya is a dance photographer in Australia.

Tanya Daniel


Studio Portraits.  Studio portraits are defined by images created in a photography studio using natural light or strobes or any other type of lighting.  Images photographed in a dance studio with studio lighting and a backdrop in a way that resembles a photo studio session.


Performance Photos.  These would be shots from rehearsals or live performances using stage lighting.  Any performance shots where the photographer supplements the lighting with their own lighting should be in the On-Location Portraits or Fine Art.  


On-Location Portraits.  These portraits can be photographed at any location indoors or outdoors that is not a photography studio.  Lighting can be used in these images, or it may be natural lighting.


Fine Art Portraits.  These portraits may have been shot in a studio, on location, or at a performance or rehearsal.  These may be composites.  These images may also be eligible for the other categories, and yet submitted to the fine art category.

Teen Dance Portraits.  These portraits may be studio portraits or on-location portraits, but they may not be portraits that would be classified as Fine Art.  These should be taken of a dancer (or dancers) aged 13-19 years old at the time of the shoot.

Children & Preteen Dance Portraits.  These portraits may be studio portraits or on-location portraits, but they may not be portraits that would be classified as Fine Art.  These should be taken of a dancer (or dancers) aged 12 years old or younger at the time of the shoot.

Dance Photo Series.  This is a series of 4-7 images that share a theme or concept.  


Grand Prize Winner.  The Grand Prize Winner is evaluated based on their body of work submitted to the competition, regardless of the category or categories.  Must submit 5 or more images to be considered for the Grand Prize Award.



Total Value:  $2734


Stella Pro Lights Reflex Studio Light ($649)

B&H Photo: $200 Gift Card

PhotoDay: $100 Gift Card for Roberts Camera

Savage Universal: 2 Free Canvas or Muslin backdrops (total value $600)

Sew Trendy Accessories: $250 Gift Card

Harlequin Floors:  $100 

Bay Photo:  24x36 Metal Print ($255)

H+H Color Lab:  24x36 Edge Block Print ($309)

McKenna Pro: 24x36 Art Block ($170)

DONE.Photos: $100 Gift Card


Total Value:  $448


Pas de Deux Photo:  $150

Roberts Camera: $50 Gift Card

B&H Photo: $50 Gift Card

Bay Photo:  16x24 Metal Print ($104)

McKenna Pro:  8x10 Art Block ($33)

H+H Color Lab:  8x12 Acrylic Print with Aluminum DiBond Backing  ($61)

2023 Competition Sponsors

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2023 Competition Results

2023 Grand Prize Winner

Jingzi Zhao

Portland, OR

2023 On Location Winner

Joelle Martinec

Tarzana, CA


2023 Studio Portrait Winner

Andrew Bowen

Greensboro, NC


2023 Fine Arts Winner

Fernando Rodriguez

Chicago, IL

GP 01 jingzi zhao 24x30 web.jpg

2023 Performance Winner

Laura White

Roanoke, VA


2023 Teen Portraits Winner

Jingzi Zhao

Portland, OR 

2023 Children Portraits Winner

Benjamin Mah

Salem, OR


2023 Portrait Series Winner

Jingzi Zhao

Portland, OR


Hear from the Competition Winners!


Check out this interview with 2022 Competition winner Jingzi Zhao. Jingzi shares her approach to dance photography.

We're always fascinated by the creative process.  Watch this video to hear from 2022 two-category winner Susan Gietka on how these winning images were created .

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