Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there is a time limit on how old an image may be to submit for this competition?

No.  Some of our best pictures may be taken a few years ago, and they are eligible to be submitted for this competition.

If I've taken pictures at a workshop or conference, are these images eligible to submit?

Yes.  A lot of pictures at workshops and conferences are taken by attending photographers who are directing the dancer to get the image they want.  Even if they are standing with a group of photographers photographing the same dancer, the angles from different photographers can make for significant differences in the images, along with the camera, lens choices, and the settings each photographer uses.  While some images at a workshop or conference might be completely set up by the speaker/leader, I don't want to penalize those photographers who are getting their own images at workshops and conferences.  At the Pas de Deux Dance Photography Conference, for example, many photographers check out dancers and go on their own personal walks.  

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