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2022 Pas de Deux Dance Photography Conference Dancers

Dancers for the conference apply the summer before the conference with an application deadline in August.  Our dancers were selected from an application pool of hundreds of dancers from the USA, Canada, and the UK.  The application process is open to dancers from all over the world.

Our Creative Directors, Jessica Garrett and Alexa Culclasure, manage the dancer's conference schedules, oversee the educational programs for the dancers, and provide master classes at the conference. The dancers will be posing for our conference in Austin, TX, on Feb. 24-27,2022, during group photo walks and personal photo walks on the resort grounds, excursions to downtown Austin for an After Dark shoot, and McKinney Falls State Park, and then posing for our speakers during their classes.  There will also be opportunities to pose in our rain machine and at our studio setups.

Photographers attending the conference can use this directory to identify dancers with whom they worked. Pas de Deux Photo asks that photographers share images with dancers before publishing, credit all dancer models in their photos and provide dancers with digital images.

Senior Dancers

Karla B.     Florida    @karlababio

babio karla blog.jpg
babio karla 2 web.jpg
babio karla 4 web.jpg

Katelyn B.     Arizona    @katelyn_beaulieu

beaulieu katelyn 3 blog.jpg
beaulieu katelyn 4 blog.jpg

Mia B.     Texas    @miablitz

blitz mia 2 blog.jpg
blitz mia 3 web.jpg
blitz mia 4 web.jpg

Lauren B.     Texas    @laurenbe

bradley lauren blog.jpg
bradley lauren 2 blog.jpg

Kathryn B.     Georgia    @Katieb.dancer

brinkley kathryn 2 blog.jpg
brinkley kathryn 3 web.jpg
brinkley kathryn 4web.jpg

Heading 1

Drew C.jpg
Drew Clemens RM5_7295.jpg

Claire E.     Illinois    @claire_escaro

escaro claire 3 blog.jpg
escaro claire 4 web.jpg

Alyssa F.     Colorado    @alyssafenolio

fenolio alyssa blog1.jpg
fenolio alyssa blog2.jpg

Morgan G.     Illinois    @morgandances.3524

graham morgan 2 blog.jpg
graham morgan 1 blog.jpg

Calysta G.     Indiana    @Calysta_Grogg

grogg calysta 1 blog.jpg
grogg calysta 3 blog.jpg

Catherine G.     Virginia    @Gilliangrossman

grossman catherine 1 blog.jpg
grossman catherine 4 web.jpg

Natalie H.     Indiana    @Natalie.onpointe

heinemeyer natalie 3 blog.jpg
heinemeyer natalie 2 blog.jpg

Xzhariya H.     Florida    @Xzhariya_Naturi

henderson xzhariya 1 blog.jpg
henderson xzhariya 2 blog.jpg

Elizabeth H.     Virginia    @Elizabeth.hernly

hernly elizabeth 3 blog.jpg
hernly elizabeth 4 web.jpg
hernly elizabeth 2 web.jpg

Mica H.     California    @micaheyesdance

heyes mica 1 blog.jpg
heyes mica 4 blog.jpg

Abbigail J.     Minnesota    @abbigailmarieaj

jackson abbigail 1 blog.jpg
jackson abbigail 2 blog.jpg

Annalyse J.     Minnesota    @Annamaelyse

jackson annalyse 1 blog.jpg
jackson annalyse 2 web.jpg
jackson annalyse 3 web.jpg

Grace L.     California    @ggracelii

li grace 1 blog.jpg
li grace 2 web.jpg
li grace 4 web.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 12.43.57 AM.png

Mary L.    Illinois    @marylink_


Mary LInk RM5_7283.jpg

Josie Lee Maldonis  Sterling  @Josie_malds


Josie Lee Maldonis 1.jpg
Josie Lee Maldonis 3.jpg
Josie Lee Maldonis 2.jpg
Josie M headshot.jpg

Sarah M.     Pennsylvania    @smaloney_

maloney sarah 1 blog.jpg
maloney sarah 3b blog.jpg

Jersey M.     Ontario    @jerseymcmahon_

mcmahon jersey 1 blog.jpg
mcmahon jersey 4 blog.jpg

Sydney R.     Virginia    @sydneyarobertson

robertson sydney 1 blog.jpg
robertson sydney 3 blog.jpg

Miranda S.     Minnesota    @mshaug

shaughnessy miranda 2 blog.jpg
shaughnessy miranda 4 web.jpg
shaughnessy miranda 3 web.jpg

Anna S.     Missouri    @Anna_esikes

sikes anna 1 blog.jpg
sikes anna 3 web.jpg
sikes anna 4 web.jpg

Hannah T.     Ohio    @hannahthompss

Maggie S.        Illinois  @maggiestevensonn

Maggie Stevenson RM5_6639.jpg
thompson hannah 1 blog.jpg
thompson hannah 2 web.jpg
thompson hannah 3 web.jpg

Connie V.     Ohio    @dance.bea

viars connie 3 blog.jpg
viars connie 4 blog.jpg

Jadyn Y.     Illinois    @Jadyn_kazumi

yarborough jadyn 1 blog.jpg
yarborough jadyn 4 blog.jpg

Olivia Z.     Illinois    @olivia.ann7

zator olivia 3 blog.jpg
zator olivia 2 web.jpg
zator olivia 4 web.jpg
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