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Volunteer for the 2023 Conference

Photo by Focal Pointe Dance Photography - Stacey Wright taken at Chicago 2021 Workshop

Ways to Volunteer

Volunteers are the backbone of the conference.  We are looking for 30-40 volunteers to assist on photo walks, in workshops and presentations and during setup and take down of the trade show.  Photography experience is not necessary.  Volunteers need to be responsible, friendly and willing to help!

Every volunteer gets a t-shirt and name tag.  In exchange for volunteering 12 hours over the course of the weekend, volunteers receives a pass to attend the rest of the conference .

Studio Setups

Studio Set up Volunteers are responsible for monitoring the studio setups, checking in photographers and dancers, making sure photographers follow the schedule, helping track triggers and potentially help deal with technical issues.

Speaker Assistants

Speaker assistants are assigned a speaker and will  attend of all their classes and photo walks to serve as a point of contact with the Pas De Deux staff, carry equipment, help troubleshoot any problems, and generally help the speaker lead their classes.


Hospitality volunteers help at the information desk, as well as take on some duties helping prep in the days before the conference.  These volunteers will help guests locate activities and undestand the schedule.

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