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We are excited to introduce a new photography site to you. Pasdedeuxphoto.com will be a hub of articles, tutorials, networking and resources for dance photographers. Most of its users will be photographers looking to expand their skills, but we are also including a directory the dancers and dance companies can both enter and use to find dance photographers in their area. In this way, we’ll be helping dancers, dance companies and studios and dance photographers find one another.

As part of our community directory, we'll have a place where dance photographers can post when they're going on the road. 


For photographers, there are other great resources - articles on technique, new ideas, building their portfolio and managing the business side of things. Our forums will give dance photographers a place to share ideas and critique one another’s work. We’ll also be sharing information about the our inaugural conference and the photo competition we have planned for this fall.

Beth and I have a 3,250 sq foot studio in Crystal Lake, IL, with two permanent dance floors.  We began shooting dance  in 2009 and often scoured the internet for resources such as what we're offering here at Pas de Deux Photo, but literally found nothing on dance photography.  We grew our business rather blindly, and we want to help any other aspiring dance photographers at whatever level of experience and skill that they're at.

The name Pas de Deux Photo comes obviously from the dance term, pas de deux, which in essence means a dance with two partners.  When I do photo sessions with dancers, I consider it a collaboration between the two of us, much like a pas de deux. And so the name was born.

We hope you sign up for our newsletters so you can remain apprised of anything going on in the dance photography community, and we'd love to have you involved in the community forums.  We hope to see you at our first dance photography conference in Phoenix on Jan. 31-Feb. 2.

For all Inquiries, Please Email: ron@pasdedeuxphoto.com or call 815-893-6822
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