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Grand Prize Top 10 and Finalists

Down below are the Top 10 and 25 Finalists for the Grand Prize category.  The Top 10 are listed in the order of their ranking.  The Top 20 (11-20) follow, as well as Top 30 (21-30). All the images in the Top 30 are listed in order as to their jury evaluation. Please keep in mind there were several entries that earned tied scores. 

The Grand Prize category is based on the photographer's body of work submitted to the competition in each of the categories.  A minimum of five images must be submitted to qualify for the Grand Prize.

Congratulations to the photographers who have made this elite list!  After the Top 10, one image is selected for each Grand Prize finalist to represent their body of work from the competition.  There were 54 photographers who were eligible for the Grand Prize.

If you click on the picture, you can get the photographer's Instagram link and follow them.

TOP 10

Top 20
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