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Stevie McKim

Stevie McKim holds a Bachelors in Arts in History from Cal State Los Angeles, and holds a Masters in Arts in Criminology from Arizona State University. While working professionally in dance, Stevie worked in law enforcement as an analyst to local, state, and federal agencies. After having her son, Stevie stepped back working long hours in law enforcement, however, she still works from time to time to help fellow colleagues in cases. 

Stevie McKim has been with NEAMA from the beginning. She is currently the Board of Directors Secretary. 

Stevie is the Founder/CEO/teacher of RockStar Dance Studio in Pacific Grove, California. She has been running her business and teaching dance for well over 15 years. Stevie has worked as a professional dancer, actress and singer in L.A. for many years. Stevie McKim is a professional recording music artist in the genre of Country music.

Stevie McKim
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