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Purchase Dance Poses Banner

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Pas de Deux Photo Director Ron McKinney and Creative Directors Jessica Garrett and Alexa Culclasure discuss doing shoots with dancers using the Dance Poses banner as a guide. Jessica and Alexa, who run Dynamic Perception Dance Company in Westmont, IL, talk about which poses to focus on with from their little dancers all the way to their advanced dancers.

Ron talks about the poses from a photographer's perspective, and they provide the terminology one needs to help communicate with dancers.

You can use this JPG template and order a retractable banner. We also will be offering a PDF on dance poses and terminology, which will provide more extensive info on poses, different angles, add in sibling and group shots.

You can order the Pas de Deux-branded banner for $59 here, or you can order the PDF (available after May 1) with extensive Poses & Terminology for $59. You can get them together for $79.

This pricing is only good through May 4.

You can order the banner without the logo on the left header (but still with Dance Poses & Terminology title in place). You can put your own logo in here, but it pretty much needs to be square to fit, and we have the banner in both CMYK and sRGB color profiles.

You can order the banner with no logo and no title so you can put your own logo and info on there.

You can also add the PDF with Extended Poses to your self-branded banners for $20 through May 4.

You can order these through our Merchandise Page.

Join our private Pas de Deux Photo FB group and be a part of our international community of dance photographers. You may just be beginning as a photographer, or very advanced working with the best professional companies. Or you may be an advanced professional photographer just beginning to work with dancers. Either way, the community always welcomes you! Join here:

You can see some samples of our Dance Poses Banner, the Ballet Extended Poses, the Leaps Extended Poses, and then below that is our webinar on the Dance Poses and Terminology.

Pas de Deux host Ron McKinney's website:

Follow Ron on Instagram here:


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