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The Pas de Deux Dance Photography Conference is about hands-on dance photo shoots, amazing speakers, great friends and fun. It's the best way for professional dance photographers, part timers, freelancers, and hobbyists to reignite their creativity and build their businesses.


Throughout the conference, photographers can choose to attend presentations, participate in workshops, join a Photo Walk, experience using one of five studio setups on site, or take a dancer out on location for a portrait session. 


So many ways to develop your skills & build your brand. 

Please note: Classes held at the South Mountain Ballroom Kaibob and Lantana as well as Palm 3A and Palm 3B will be lecture-style classes with overhead presentations. 

Classes at the South Mountain Ballroom Mesquite and Noble will be demonstrations and hands-on workshops. During the workshops, due to time and space constraints, not everyone will get an opportunity to take pictures.

Friday  1/31

6:30-9 am      B&H Desert Sunrise Photo Shoot at Pima Canyon with David Hofmann (meet in front of Conference Center for bus)

3-7 pm:         Exhibitor Hall open in Arizona Grand Ballroom

​4 pm:           Jordan & Hudson Matter 5-Minute Challenge at Palm Court

4-7 pm:        Portfolio Review - Rachel Neville, Jordan Matter, Taylor-Ferne Morris, Eric Pare, Judy Host, Alexis Cuarezma

                     Exhibitor Hall.


​4:30-6 pm:  Photo Walks on Resort grounds led by Jonathan Givens, David Hofmann, Dave Brewer


​7-9 pm:        Welcome Reception sponsored by Candid Color

7 pm:           Eric Pare/Kim Henry Light-painting Demo (at Welcome Reception)

Saturday 2/1

8:15-9 am: Welcome by Beth & Ron McKinney and Keynote Address by Rachel Neville - South Mountain Ballroom Kaibob and Lantana

9 am 9:45 am   Featured Speakers Panel Q&A (Jonathan Givens, David Hofmann, Jordan Matter, Taylor-Ferne Morris, Rachel Neville, Eric Pare) - South Mountain Ballroom K&L


10:00 am- 2:45 pm:  Exhibitor Hall Open in Arizona Grand Ballroom

Portfolio reviews:

10:30 am - 12:30 pm - David Hofmann & Rachel Neville

12:30 - 1:30 pm - Ron McKinney & Jonathan Givens

4:40-7 pm - Taylor-Ferne Morris



10:30-11:45 am Classes

  • Jordan Matter  "How to Build a Popular Dance Photography Brand" – Jordan Matter grew his social media presence from 50K followers on Instagram to 1.3M in two years. This presentation explains how he did it, and how you can too!  - South Mountain K

  • Jonathan Givens "Making the move: The How-to of going pro as a Dance Photographer"  South Mountain L

  • Eric Pare & Kim Henry “Studio Light-painting Workshop” - South Mountain M

  • Taylor-Ferne MorrisLighting for Male Dancers: -Specific lighting for Muscle Definition & Posing” - South Mountain Ballroom N

  • Ron McKinney  Photographing Dance Performances - Palm Room A

  • Oliver Endahl Marketing and social media branding.  Class for Dancers in the confer- Palm Room B

  • Dave Brewer - Photo walk on the resort grounds - meet at fountain in Palm Courtyard

  • Judy Host - Photo walk on the resort grounds - meet at fountain in Palm Courtyard

  • Alexis Cuarezma - Lighting with Profoto lights on location - meet at fountain in Palm Courtyard

​10:30 am - 2:30 pm - Check out dancers from Room Palm 3D based on availability.

11:45 am -1:45 pm       Lunch/Exhibitor Hall in the Arizona Grand Ballroom

​1:45 pm - 3:00 pm​  Classes

  • David Hofmann "Seeing is believing" Everything that goes into making a photo session a success. Pitfalls, opportunities, client expectations, managing your time, enabling the dancer/model. -  South Mountain L

  • Jonathan Givens "Volume Dance Schools - How to run an effective business" South Mountain K

  • Rachel Neville "Lighting for Specific Body Shape and Pose" Break away from lighting patterns and learn to be intentional with your light!  In this class we will be talking through lighting a variety of body shapes, poses, and how to accentuate your dancer’s best features.- South Mountain Ballroom M

  • Taylor-Ferne Morris ** “Creating the Perfect Ballet Audition /Cv Photoshoot -Hour one: Hands-on Lighting setup and Short duration flash demo -Hours two & three: Taylor in action (covering ballet technique, posing and fundamentals for audition photos) Q&A throughout “  ** lasts until 4:15 pm - South Mountain Ballroom N

  • Dave Brewer  “Deep dive editing for location photos”  - Palm Room 3A

  • Oliver Endahl  “Posing and Communicating with Dancers” - Palm Room 3B

  • Jordan Matter  Outdoor demo and photo walk  - meet at the fountain in Palm Courtyard

3:15 pm - 4:30 pm​

  • David Cooper - “Moving the Camera. How to create cinematic video for dance. Transitioning from stills to the moving image with dancers” -  Palm Room 3A

  • Judy Host "After Capture – Learn some simple tips and tricks in Photoshop to enhance the overall look of your work with the use of graphics and textures." - South Mountain Ballroom K

  • Rachel Neville "Advanced Lighting for Specific Body Shape and Pose" This class will begin with reverse engineering lighting patterns to develop your ability to see light.  It will feature more advanced posing and lighting techniques - South Mountain Ballroom M


3:30-7:30 pm:  Off-location Desert Photo Shoot led by Jordan Matter, David Hofmann, Jonathan Givens, Dave Brewer, Ron McKinney (limited space available, travel fee applies) Meet at circle drive in front of conference center

​4:45 pm - 6 pm 

  • Rachel Neville "Pas de Deux Photography: Posing Two or More Dancers" Building and lighting beautiful shapes and poses for couples and small groups.  Advanced lighting for multiple bodies and the geometrics of combining multiple limbs.  - South Mountain Ballroom M *** ends at 7 pm

  • Judy Host  "Capturing Movement in Dance" – In this class you will learn how capturing movement will bring your imagery to life and how the positions of your dancer and your camera angle will showcase your subject.  We will also be discussing the importance of light quality for creating dramatic dance portraits." - South Mountain Ballroom K

  • Alexis Cuarzema Lighting for Visual Impact -Mountain Ballroom L

  • Oliver Endahl - Outdoor Photo walk on resort grounds - meet at fountain in Palm Courtyard


6:15 - 7:30 pm: Eric Pare and Kim Henry  Light-painting demo.  Location on resort grounds to be announced.

8:00 pm - 10 pm :  Evening networking and social reception at Paseo West



















​Sunday 2/2

6:15-8:30 am   Sunrise Photo Shoot at Desert Location with Ron McKinney & Steve Wylie meet at Conference Center entrance. Advance signup required.


​8:30 am - 4:45 pm - check out dancers from Room Palm 3D for independent portfolio shoots on the resort grounds. Must finish shoot and return dancer to Palm 3D by 4:45 pm.

8:45 - 9:45 am - Portfolio Reviews in Exhibitor Hall.  Dave Brewer and Ron McKinney


8:30 am - 9:45 am Classes

  • Jordan Matter: "How to Take Viral Dance Photos" – Dance photography is flooding social media, and you want to stand out. This presentation reveals specific tricks to make your photos go viral. - South Mountain K

  • Jonathan Givens "Dancing Across The USA - Techniques and theory for location shooting" - South Mountain L

  • Rachel Neville **  "Pas de Deux Photography: Posing Two or More Dancers" Building and lighting beautiful shapes and poses for couples and small groups.  Advanced lighting for multiple bodies and the geometrics of combining multiple limbs. - South Mountain M  ** workshop ends at 11:15 am

  • David Hofmann  **  “Less is more! Studio lighting for dancers and athletes. How I set up a creative lighting for studio photos of dancers while maintaining flexibility and allow quick changes and adjustments”  South Mountain Ballroom N ** Demo workshop ends at 11:15 am.  Some attendees may be able to shoot.

  • Eric Pare & Kim Henry  "Creative Dance Photography" Concepts including using 154-camera setups - Palm 3A

  • Oliver Endahl  session for dancers on  social media branding and how to work with photographers - Palm 3B

  • Judy Host  Outdoor Demo and Photo Walk on resort grounds - Meet at fountain at Palm Court

  • Alexis Cuarezma  Lighting with Profoto lights on Location - meet at the fountain at Palm Court

9:30 am - 1:30 pm:      Exhibitor Hall Open in Arizona Grand Ballroom

10:00 am - 11:15 am Classes

  • Taylor-Ferne Morris  “Lighting for Dance Photography : 1- Short duration flash (High speed/ Freezing motion) using Profoto equipment.  2- Lighting accessories (Soft-boxes, Grids, Beauty dishes, etc) the difference between them all and what I use to create different aesthetics. 3- Lighting for Muscle definition (creating texture)”   South Mountain Ballroom K

  • Ron McKinney   “Compositing for Epic Conceptual Dance Photos”  - Palm Room 3A

  • Dave Brewer  “Shooting Studios and High School Teams” Palm Room 3B

  • Jordan Matter B&H Photo Presents: “Selecting the Best Lens and Other Outdoor Photo Tips” meet at Palm Court fountain

  • Jonathan Givens  Resort photo walk meet at Palm Court Fountain ​

11:15 am -1:15 pm:      Lunch/Visit Exhibitor Hall (Arizona Grand Ballroom)

12 - 1 pm: Jonathan Givens, Book Signing, "Dance Across the USA"

​1:15 pm - 2:30 pm  Classes

  • Jordan Matter, Rachel Neville, & David Hofmann panel  “Supporting dancers & studios with branding”  South Mountain Ballroom K

  • Alexis Cuarezma "Working with Dancers & Finding your Vision" South Mountain Ballroom L

  • Eric Pare & Kim Henry   Light painting workshop in South Mountain M

  • Jonathan Givens ****  "Nailed it! - How to get the best shots out of your Dance School Photo Session"  *** demo ends at 4:00 pm - South Mountain Ballroom N 

  • Taylor-Ferne Morris “Lighting for Dance Photography” Discussion on her lighting techniques. - Palm Room 3A

  • Dave Brewer “Gear/Tech/Lens/Lighting” Discussion and Q&A on photography equipment - Palm Room 3B

2:45 pm - 4:00 pm Classes

  • David Hofmann  “Commercial dance photography: Shooting for companies, advertising and commercial clients”  South Mountain Ballroom K

  • Jordan Matter  “How to Publish your Book" – Jordan has published three dance books, and two of them are NY Times bestsellers. He'll give you the advice you need to make the dream a reality.  South Mountain Ballroom L

  • Oliver Endahl - "Best Social Media Practices"  In-depth branding sessions  Palm Room 3B

  • Eric Pare & Kim Henry  Photo Walk - meet at Palm Court Fountain

  • Rachel Neville  "Converting 3D Bodies to 2D Images" The posing tricks that are integral to making every dancer feel confident and walk away from your shoots having had a good experience. **** demo ends at 5:15 pm - South Mountain Ballroom M 


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm Classes

  • Jordan Matter “Q&A with Jordan Matter – After two full days of dance photography immersion, what do you still need to know to grow your business? All topics are welcome, including how to find dancers, price your sessions, find locations, build a social media presence and not get burned out” South Mountain Ballroom K

  • Taylor-Ferne Morris  Ballet/Dance Knowledge for Photographers: 1-Basic ballet/dance technique all photographers need to know (right from wrong); 2-Posing (Lines/angles showing off the dancers individual assets); 3-Timing & 4-Communication and creating trust   South Mountain Ballroom L

  • Jonathan Givens  "Lead the Pack: The High-end Dance Portraiture Experience" - Most folks in the Dance Photography are solidly in the “Shoot and Burn” category.  Don’t be just another face in the crowd, stand out by offering a High-End Experience that will set you apart.  In Person Sales and luxury products are a surefire way to bring your business not just to the next level, but to the peak of your market! - Demo, South Mountain Ballroom N workshop

  • Judy Host "Environmental Dance Portraits: Demo and Photo Walk" – As beautiful as a Ballet dancer can be, understanding how to position them in the environment can make or break an image.  Learn how to use your environment as a stage to help you tell your story and make your subject stand out. - Meet at Palm Court Fountain

  • H&H Color Lab  "Round-table Discussion on Dance School Volume Workflow" Volume dance school photography is one of the most complex to keep organized and maximize sales. H&H has a proven system to keep things simple for dance moms to do business with you and help you stay organized, ready to deliver. Come to this open discussion if you learn new ideas and best practices for your volume dance business. - Palm 3B

  • David Hoffman  Photo walk meet at Palm Court fountain  

5:30 - 6:00 pm Farewell at South Mountain Ballroom 


** Schedule is not final and subject to change

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