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PDD Webinar: Andrew Bowens Talks Studio Dance Photography

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Andrew Bowens of Greensboro, NC, considers his studio to be a "creative sanctuary for movement atists." His mission is to create scroll-stopping artistic dance photography, portfolio images that get you noticed, and audition pictures that accentuate your best lines.

He did just that with his submission of a studio image of Jillian Kerr won the Teen Category and seemed to be the image that drew the most attention in the Photo Comp Top 15 Gallery at the Pas de Deux Dance Photography Conference in Austin.

Down below the winning image are two webinar videos. The first is the full video (1 hour 31 minutes) of Andrew talking about his journey in photography, including talking about his many images that made the Top 15 or Finalist in the 2022 Pas de Deux Dance Photo Competition.

The second video is 50 minutes from the full video where he talks about his images and what it was like to learn he had won the Teen Category at the Conference while he was watching the IG live stream of the awards announcement.

You can see more of Andrew's work here:

Follow him on Instagram here:

Full Video:

Andrew talks about his competition images:

Pas de Deux host Ron McKinney's website:

Follow Ron on Instagram here:


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