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Studio Portrait Top 15

Down below are the 88 Finalists for the Studio Portraits category.  The Top 15 are listed in the order of their ranking.  The Top 20 (16-20) follow, as well as the Top 30 (21-30), Top 40, Top 50, Top 60 and Top 70.  All the images in the Top 70 are listed in order as to their jury evaluation.  The jurors were impressed by all the dance photographers who entered the competition.

Congratulations to the photographers who have made this elite list!

Top 15

1st Place Jingzi Zhao

2nd Place Scott Serio

3rd Place Jingzi Zhao

4th Place Sonja Clark

5th Place Amanda Rose Tipton

6th Place Anita Buzzy-Prentiss

7th Place Jennifer Curry Wingrove

8th Place Andrew Bowen

9th Place Andrew Bowen

10th Place Kirk Edwards

11th Place Eric McCollum

12th Place Chris Stark

13th Place Jennifer Curry Wingrove

14th Place Ron Brewer

15th Place Samantha Zauscher

Top 20 | Top 30 | Top 40 | Top 50 | Top 60 | Top 70 | Honorable Mentions

If you click on the picture, you can get the photographer's Instagram link and follow them.

TOP 15

Top 20
Top 30
Top 40
Top 50