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Chris Stark

Chris Stark is a Washington DC Area-based studio dance photographer. Since 2007 Chris has shot all styles of dance and all levels of experience – from Comp Kids to Professionals. According to Chris, he lives for that moment where gorgeous movement and amazing light meet.

When asked Why dance photography? Chris answers: “Although I took a few Ballet classes in college, my real qualification as a dance photographer is that I Made dancers!!” The “Ultimate Dance Dad” of two daughters (one a professional with Nashville Ballet), Chris brings a unique perspective to his approach to dance photography… with a strong focus on proper technique, dancer safety, and building dancer confidence. “There’s nothing better than hearing a dancer or their parent exclaim “Holy &$#@! I didn’t know I could look like THAT!”.

Soon after completing construction of his dance/photography studio in 2013, Chris developed a relationship with Harlequin Floors USA. Chris employs Harlequin Dance and Hi-Shine flooring for all of his shoots… “Harlequin floors provides the right combination of gorgeousness and safety for my dance shoots… I use them exclusively in my studio and on-location jobs.

Chris has been published in Pointe Magazine, Dance Magazine, and Dance Spirit Magazine and was the runner up in last year’s Pas De Deux photo competition. Chris will be demonstrating techniques for making the most of Harlequin Hi-Shine White flooring during PDD 23.

Chris Stark
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