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We are running five studio setups for photographer attendees to use. Each has different features, including one with the Light & Motion Rain Machine.  A big thank you to Westcott, Denny's Manufacturing, and Savage for supplying backdrops and lighting for the setups.

Each session is 20 minutes.  At least one dancer will be at each setup.  We will also have a volunteer in case you have questions about how the lights work.  You will be able to position the lights the way you'd like to create the lighting scheme you'd like.  The space is approximately 20 feet wide by 30 feet in depth.  The first four studio setups are located in the Arizona Ballroom Exhibitor Hall. The fifth setup is in the Palm 3C room.

Sessions for all setups run through the lunch break EXCEPT the Light & Motion Rain Machine. That setup is open to all photographers during both the Saturday and Sunday lunch breaks for photographers to share and work together. To use the rain machine at any other time, please sign up using the link below.


Please sign up for only one rain machine session and one second studio setup session, so two sessions total.  If more times are still open, we'll open it up again so you can add a third session.


There are also guided photo walks happening throughout the day as well as dancers available to take out on site in small groups for photo shoots. 

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