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Portfolio Reviews 2022 Conference

For the 2022 conference, we have a limited number of portfolio reviews.  These are available on a first come basis.  Beginning July 1, attendees will be given a sign up link at the time of their registration for the conference.

Attendees can choose a time and also a photographer with whom they would like to meet.

A big thank you to our amazing speakers for offering their time for individual portfolio reviews.  

Reviews will take place during the Trade Show located in the Lost Pines Ballroom. Most occur Friday afternoon from 1 - 4:30 pm. 

"I just have to say, don’t be scared! Even if you think your images still need a lot of work, that’s what the portfolio review is for! They will help you and probably boost your confidence a little too!"

- Lisa Wuertz, conference attendee

Please arrive five minutes early for your session so we can all stay on schedule.

Bring with a laptop or iPad with 6 or more images about which you would like some feedback. Some photographers, especially David Hofmann, likes to see 10 - 20 images. These will be fairly quick reviews that will give you general feedback on where you're going with your photography.  Don't just bring your best images.  Bring some images where you thought it would work, but it didn't, and they can give you some ideas on what you could have done to improve those shots.

Some attendees also bring 8x10 prints to share - we recommend no more than six prints.

Please be ready to step away as soon as your 10 minutes are over.  We organized things this way to accommodate as many photographers as possible to have 10 minutes with one of the best dance photographers in the world.

The following photographers will be offering portfolio reviews

Rose Coleman

Andrew Eccles

Oliver Endahl

Drew Forsyth

Jonathan Givens

Lois Greenfield ***

David Hofmann

Judy Host

Bill Kendierski

Ron McKinney

Joe McNally

Vikki Sloviter

We encourage photographers to share images on which they are looking to improve.  These sessions are great for both new and experienced dance photographers.

Did you miss the June 22 webinar on portfolio reviews?  Check it out on our Education page.

***  Keynote speaker Lois Greenfield is offering a very limited number of portfolio reviews. She will provide comprehensive insights about your photography and what you would like to achieve, helping you improve your skills. You will learn how to work with the dancers to capture the moments you both want, as well as receiving feedback on the subtleties of lighting dancers in motion. Lois will discuss how to build themes in your portfolio with effective sequencing, editing, and cropping- and give you tips on how to capture the perfect moment.

Do you have questions about how to choose images or prepare for your portfolio review?

Join us for a Zoom Panel of photographers to talk about their experience with 2020 portfolio reviews!

The Zoom Panel is being held on Tuesday, June 22 at 11 am Central time/12 noon Eastern time. Please register in advance.

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