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PDD 2022: Austin

Pas de Deux Photo held its second conference at the end of February 2022 in Austin, Texas. 

The conference keynote speaker was legendary dance photographer Lois Greenfield.  Speakers included Andrew Eccles, Vikki Sloviter, Oliver Endahl, Judy Host, Jonathan Givens. Rose Coleman, David Hofmann, Alexis Cuarezma, Ashkan Roayaee, Meg & Scott Sockel, Drew Forsyth, Ron McKinney, Eric Pare & Kim Henry, Daniel Wood, and Bill Kendzierski.

Our events include portfolio reviews, studio setups, two evening receptions and the announcement of the 2022 Pas de Deux Dance Photography Competition winners.

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Conference Trade Show

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morgenstern web DSC_2223.jpg
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PC: Sharon Morgenstern

The Pas de Deux Photo trade show brings together businesses and photographers.  Connect with vendors who can help you:


Expand your market,

Increase your workflow efficiency

Elevate your art

Improve your shots

Provide quality prints to clients

Trade Show Vendors:


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Interested in future trade shows?


Contact Ron at to talk about being a part of the Chicago 2023 Conference, sponsoring our annual Competition and other opportunities to engage with  PDD photographers. 

PC: Ron McKinney

PC:Sharon Morgenstern

PC: Ron McKinney

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RM5_6306 web.jpg

"Everything about the first conference was top-notch.  Pas de Deux represents the best value for my photography education dollar that I have ever spent.


Photographing dancers, learning from photographers I admire and watching them work, getting advice on gear, meeting others who share my passion -- all of these made the first conference unforgettable.


I trace my successes as a dance photographer in 2020 directly to the inspiration and information I gained at Pas de Deux."   


- Jeannie DeSena, Words & Pictures by Jeanne DeSena

Studio Setups

Your favorite photographers partner with dancers in studio setups to showcase their process for building rapport with dancers, choosing poses, working with lights and creating artistic dance images.

Learn about posing dancers and taking your skills to studios, teams and companies. Some classes focus on beginner levels with lighting, and we also offer advanced classes on lighting.  You'll learn about the differences between lighting individual subjects and groups.

web albertwong_9.jpg
morgenstern web DSC_2187.jpg

Expert Inspiration

Meet leaders in the field of dance photography. 


Learn their approaches, hear their stories, and grow your art and your business. You'll have plenty of opportunities to talk to and ask questions to our featured speakers.

Off-Site Excursions

Gather with both experienced and beginning photographers to ideal locations for outdoor natural-light photographer with dancers.   Off-site excursions can be added on to the conference for any photographers interested in the experience.  We provide transportation, so there is no need to have a rental car at the resort. 

Photographers work independently or in groups (everyone makes fast friends at Pas de Deux).  Dancers are posed by lead photographers who look for great locations, poses and lighting.

Choose to make adjustments, find your place, select your camera settings, and experiment.

You'll see a lot of groups together photographing dancers, but photographers often also have the opportunity to work with the dancer individually, and then move on to another dancer posing nearby.

These excursions are designed to give you an opportunity to work with dancers and get the kind of images you don't normally get to shoot.  Great for anyone looking to build their portfolio.

aj_RM5_8321 web.jpg

Dancer Models 

Dancer models are an integral part of the conference. Models apply in advance of the conference and are selected on a variety of criteria, including technique, flexibility and posing. They receive professional development and master classes as well as images from photographers for whom they pose.  More information about applying to model at the conference can be found here.​  Here are some of the photos taken by photographers at the 2020 conference.   

Photographers work with dancer models during some workshops, on photo walks, and during off-site excursions. Dancers are also available for check out to work individually with photographers on the resort property.

web tparkdancephoto_AlexanderPatrick_512
web susanbestul_1313.jpg
web staceywright (4).jpg

PC: Susan Bestul

PC: Timothy Park   

PC: Stacey Wright

web melissa_allen_photography (35).jpg

PC:Sharon Morgenstern

PC: Melissa Allen
PC: Scott Martinez
PC: Kyle Adler

Great for Beginners

RM5_6437 web.jpg

PC: Ron McKinney

Pas de Deux Photo supports artistic and business growth.  We welcome expert photographers, dance parents, portrait photographers, hobbyists, beginners and more.

"It was a great educational experience for me since I just started shooting ballet. I have years of lighting experience in gymnastics and regular portrait work so needed a crash course in dance and this was a great start."  - conference 2020 attendee

Business Support

Attend amazing sessions about marketing, workflow, studio management, social media, business operations, in-person sales and volume order processing. Find your voice, build your brand, expand your market, and get organized.

morgenstern web DSC_2173.jpg

PC:Sharon Morgenstern

web BrianWagner-6.jpg

PC: Brian Wager

Join Pas de Deux Photo now

Join us in Pas de Deux - build your portfolio, connect with other dance photographers, grow your business, and expand your skills.  Great for hobbyists, experienced photographers, and everyone wanting to grow their art and their business.

Join us on Facebook

Contact us with questions -


Find friends.  Build networks. Share ideas.

Join us in person and connect.


Guided photo walks.

Evening socials.

Off-site photo sessions.

Dancer Model Portfolio Sessions.

morgenstern web DSC_2211.jpg

PC: Sharon Morgenstern

Speaking at the Conference

Are you interested in speaking at a future conference or one of our webinars?  We are excited to connect leaders in the field of dance photography with other photographers who are both established and also with beginning and hobbyist photographers.

Please complete this form and let us know more about you.

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