First Annual Pas de Deux Photography Conference

Pas de Deux Photo is a professional organization for dance photographers. The first annual Pas de Deux Photo Conference was an amazing success. Taking place the last weekend of January 2020  in Phoenix, Arizona, the conference brought 

together photographers working in dance in a way that had never been done before.

More than 200 Photographers from around the world attended the conference, which featured speakers Rachel Neville, Jordan Matter, Alexis Cuarezma, Judy Host, David Hofmann, Jonathan Givens, Taylor-Ferne Morris, Eric Pare & Kim Henry, Daniel Woods,  David Cooper, Oliver Endahl, Dave Brewer and Ron McKinney.

We also had more than 60 dancers from around the country posing for our photographers in studio setup sessions and outdoor photo walks.

Pas de Deux supports photographers working in volume and individual portraits, with opportunities for business and artistic development.  

Registration for the July 2021 Chicago Workshop and the February 2022 Florida Conference will open this summer.

Webinars from Pas de Deux


Elevate your dance photography and hone your business skills with year round Pas de Deux webinars.  Past webinars have focused on topics such as:


- adjusting your plans for volume portraits during the stay-at-home orders with Jonathan Givens, Ron McKinney & Nancy Emmerich


- using light tubes in creative dance photography with Eric Pare & Kim Henry

- advice from New York Ballet dancer Ashley Bouder

Most webinars are limited to 100 participants and are available at no cost.  An archive of most past webinars is available on our Education page.


To learn more about our webinars, register for a webinar, or to join a zoom call with other dance photographers, check out our Events page.

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Join us online in our Facebook group to learn about special promotions, connect with other photographers, get studio and business advice, creative inspiration and pro tips.  It's a great place for photographers working with major studios and hobbyists and everyone in between.  

Information about webinars and conferences can be found on our Events page.

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