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I naturally fell into this profession 13 years ago. I have enjoyed capturing images of newborns, families, children, dancers, sports and graduating seniors. Dance is a passion of mine that I have been focusing on for the past 2 years I found that when working with a dancer my creativity takes over and the world disappears around me:). I get so absorbed in each session I am continually creating  fresh work and easily connecting with my clients. I have high expectations of my photography and what it represents. I work until I have created what I know is possible. I am a master at working with each dancers personality and have the ability and creativeness to  control each situation to acheive an end result that meets my standards. I like to look beyond the shot, to see beyond the literal obvious places to sit, pose and take pictures. My vision of what I will create- is defined by using the entire scene, the light, the sun, or the color in an area, and through framing and seeing the lines and and the visual beauty of a location. I love lines and have a very critical eye for alignment. most of my subjects to date are advanced level dancers age 11-16. I have not had the pleasure yet of working with professional level dancers and Im looking forward to that in the future.